Links by flickr user rubybgold
Links by flickr user rubybgold
Links You Can Use!

Smart Training Center from the good folks at SMART

Two Minute Tutorials from John Maklary

Lee's Summit, MO R-7 School District SMARTboard resource page

The full bucket of Delicious links tagged smartboard, promethean, and iwb

Karen Mongomery's Thinking Machine IWB Wiki Workshop

A protopage collection of SMARTboard resources from the SMARTBEES

Mrs. Huston's protopage of K-3 resources

A SMARTboard Troubleshooting Guide co-constructed by various teachers collaboratively. It's an open Google Doc, add your 2ยข.

Lots of SMARTboard lessons in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. Mostly early years with a little bit for high school.

Phil Taylor's List: IWB Links and Resources

More Resources

There are lots of free resources for you on this page. Keep scrolling down.

How to Find Creative Commons Licensed Images on Flickr

A little screenr-cast illustrating how to download YouTube videos directly to your desktop:

Interactive Resources

At the bottom of the page you will find links to files you can download and begin using with your SMARTboard right away.

This presentation was put together collaboratively by an international group of teachers. One slide at a time. It grows, slowly, all the time. If you want to contribute contact information for Tom Barrett, a teacher in the UK who started it, is on the last slide.

Feed from the TeqSmart Blog. Often has links to Notebook lessons and self-installing Gallery files. This information will update itself automatically. You'll always find something new here: